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Energy Savings Agreement

As a service company, one of our top goals is to maintain your equipment which will help keep a prolonged service life. One of the ways we help customers achieve this is with seasonal maintenance. Maintenance is one of the most important factors in keeping your utility costs down. Checkups also allow us to find many types of deficiencies before they develop into more serious problems. A basic maintenance plan will not eliminate all problems or failures, but it will certainly keep the odds in your favor as the equipment owner.

Why is Seasonal Maintenance so important?

  • Lowers utility costs
  • Keeps equipment functioning properly and prolongs equipment life
  • Keeps your home comfortable and improves general indoor air quality
  • Catches small problems before they become big ones
  • Reduces chances of catastrophic failure

94% of all emergency calls occur on non-maintained systems


  • One-time Seasonal Maintenance: $69 per system
  • Energy Savings Agreements (ESA) members receive two Check-Ups (1 Spring and 1 Fall)
    • First System: $115
    • Second System: $105
    • Third and additional systems (each): $95

ESA Members will also receive Priority Service during busy season

Spring Check-Up

Fall Check-Up



Did you know?

Bryant has been around since 1904. Charles Bryant is the developer of the modern day furnace and offered 80% efficiency on their furnaces in 1919. They partnered with Payne in 1949 and in the mid 1950s were bought by Carrier. In the 1980s Bryant was one of the first pioneers of the 90% furnace. That is part of why Prosper's Finest A/C and Heat is proud to be a Bryant Factory Authorized Dealer!