Doing The Job Right ALWAYS Matters

Serving Collin County And Nearby Communities


About Prosper's Finest A/C & Heat

Prosper's Finest A/C & Heat is a locally owned, family operated service company. We are located in Prosper, TX and serve Collin County and nearby communities. Our mission is to provide quality work with an honest, long-term-fix approach for needed repairs. Our experience in the HVAC service industry has shown us that the only way for a business in this field to succeed is to treat the customer fairly and to be the trade expert. At Prosper's Finest A/C & Heat we are the trade experts. We provide an in-depth look at the entire HVAC system with attention to detail. This provides not only immediate solutions to no-cool or no-heat issues, but can also find other problems with equipment efficiency. Not only is it important to have your HVAC system working properly, keeping it maintained will increase longevity while minimizing utility cost. The employees of Prosper's Finest A/C & Heat are registered with the State of Texas, EPA certified, and N.A.T.E. certified to ensure that the technician at your home is both knowledgeable and trained in this profession. Every job undertaken by Prosper's Finest A/C & Heat is treated as if it is the most important. Not only is customer satisfaction important to us, but we take pride in our work.

A Note From The Owner

My name is Daniel Martellaro and I am the owner of Prosper's Finest A/C & Heat. I got my start in the trade with the United States Army in 2003, graduating my class with honors. Time served with the military and overseas in the Iraq Campaign taught me to pay attention to detail, and to focus on performing every task to standard. Since then, I consistently strive to deliver the most professional, honest, and quality service possible. My reputation means everything in this business. I am extremely excited to now be able to stand out and provide a company that delivers quality and integrity every time our customer opens their door. I am committed to being the company that people do not want to lose, like when you find a good auto mechanic. I will bring the customer service that every homeowner or business owner expects and do whatever it takes to complete the job correctly. This truth will always maintain importance-

"Doing the job right ALWAYS matters!"


Prosper Christmas Festival

How many of you made it out to the Prosper Christmas Festival this year? It was spectacular. Great weather and great people right next to the new Town Hall. The town put on a great event! We were so busy that we only had time to take this one picture of the guys hanging lights in our booth.